Sunday, December 18, 2011

{Happy Holidays!}

Oh, Christmas Tree!
Preston and I started off the holiday season with a few obstacles. We picked out the perfect tree at Lowe's, only to bring it home and find that the trunk had been split down the middle. We loaded the tree back into my small Hyundai Elantra and returned it for another. This tree wasn't quite as perfect as the first, but it still made for a keeper! We got it home and realized that it was leaning to one side... and then after stringing the lights around the tree, realized I needed a few extra strands. Of course, Target no longer carried the lights that I purchased last year, and all the other alternatives were different shades of "white" than the ones currently on the tree. So, I took the lights off the tree and put new lights on it again.... oh my! Thankfully, all of that was worth it in the end, as we have enjoyed having a real tree in our living room - the wonderful scent and the glowing lights have kept us in the Christmas spirit these last few weeks. 

First Annual Cookie Exchange
After moving into our house in May this year, we started having more friends and family visit and spend time with us in our big house! We've thoroughly enjoyed sharing our home with those we love most. Most recently, I hosted a Cookie Exchange party with friends from school. It was so nice to have so many friends drive from Charlottesville to spend the day at our house and enjoy each other's company... and of course each other's cookies! I spent hours cleaning the house Friday night and baking/cooking beforehand. But in the end, it was worth it! I loved being able to have people over and be able to catch up with each other... laugh with each other... things we don't get to do during the stressful school week. Everyone was a good sport and brought something fun to share - cookies, pastries, brownies, snacks. I found some cute cookie tins at Walmart that I was able to get everyone ahead of time. It was fun to get to see everyone load up their tins to take home with them. I hope to have another cookie party next year with some great friends!

{Cookie Monsters}

Now, off to Florida for the holidays with family! Happy Holidays everyone...