Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Makeover - Raulerson Home Office Edition

Preston and I drove to IKEA in the Malibu with the intention of furnishing his office space. We spent quite a bit of time designing and picking out possible furniture options and layouts for the space. After what seemed like hours, we made it out of the store with several boxes that somehow managed to fit in the car. Preston was excited that he was getting to have an office of his own where he could be productive (and creative)... 

Unfortunately, instead of assembling the furniture when we returned, we had to deal with a broken AC. Thankfully, our house has a dual zone and our master bedroom was still being cooled. However, the rest of the house was sticky and humid as the outside temperature neared 104 degrees. On Saturday, we had to wait for several heating/cooling companies to call us back, since most of them are closed on the weekends. Thankfully, we found someone to come out and save us from the heat!

While we waited for the house to be cooled, Preston insisted that he pass the time by assembling IKEA furniture. 

side desk for extra work space and storage

Preston's innovative desk...

As you can see, there are still more boxes... We have a shelving unit to go on the back wall for some extra storage. Our plan is to paint the knotty pine walls soon. We'll be taping everything off and sealing the walls soon. We haven't yet decided on the right color conducive to creative thinking (says Preston). We're hoping to replace a fluorescent light with some simple track lighting.

To be continued...

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  1. He looks like a little boy sitting at that desk. Bigger chair-STAT