Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall at the Raulerson's

Fall Leaves

For two weeks, the temperatures have been dropping and the leaves have been tumbling down from the trees above. Although the oak tree leaves don’t tend to turn the beautiful hues of reds and yellows like the maples, they still drop their leaves in preparation for the winter. We’re now aware of this as we look out the window into our front yard.

Just one week ago we could see the grass. This weekend, we decided that it would be best to start clearing off some of these leaves before they accumulate even more! After three hours of raking and blowing, the front lawn can now be seen again… who knows for how long.

Here are a few pictures of how our front lawn looked this morning before we cleaned up the leaves… and a few after. If anyone is interested in coming to Richmond, we’ll let you stay with us in return for your labor :)

3 hours later... 


  1. You can hire me! I'll work for food and a place to sleep. I prefer pizza and beer! see you soon!


  2. Sounds good to me! I'll even put the heat on for you if you come :)

  3. The real question is: Did you rake the leaves in your flip flops or did you actually have to purchased closed toed shoes? You said your basketball shot is better in a good pair of flip flops. I wonder if your raking abilities improve too. : )
    Beautiful Pictures

  4. I'll trade you?! I'll rake leaves and you can disinfect mildew...