Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sandia Peak
Preston and I arrived in Albuquerque late Thursday night and drove to Santa Fe, where we stayed with most of the Fuller clan (Preston's mom's side of the family). We joined the family in a caravan to Sandia Peak to ride the world's longest aerial tramway. We took the tram up to the top of Sandia Peak and enjoyed the breathtaking view. We were able to get off the tram and soak in the scenery. We went for a hike in the cool, dry weather and got some pictures along the way. 


 The Cathedral

Spanish Market @ the Plaza
On Sunday, Preston and I took a stroll around the Downtown Santa Fe Plaza where they were holding the Spanish Market. We went to the Flea Market beforehand and made some great purchases! All the kids were quite entertained once they found some Santa Fe jewelry, rocks, and noise makers to take with them as souvenirs. We also enjoyed a nice lunch with Preston's aunt and uncle and a few cousins on top of one of the balconies in the Plaza. We were tired after a long day of white water rafting the day before and decided that staying around Santa Fe would be best for our last day there.

digging through their bag of rocks

the girls browsing through their bargain buys!

 Riley, the noisemaker, found a carved owl that provided us with some entertainment

Presley showing off her new accessories :)

Spanish Market @ the Plaza

Spanish Market @ the Plaza

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